ELAR Occasional Seminar Series

When: 3PM, Friday 27 September, 2013
Where: Room 392, SOAS (Main Building), Russell Square, London ... location information

The encounter of methodologies: two documentation projects of Verbal Art among the Cora of West Mexico 100 years apart (1905-2005)

Margarita Valdovinos

Ibero-American Institut, Berlin

In 1905, the German ethnologist Konrad Theodor Preuss leaves Berlin to conduct an 18-month trip through the mountains of Northwest Mexico. During his expedition, Preuss dedicated a considerable amount of time and efforts to the study of the Native languages and the documentation of Verbal Arts. Today, the Phonogramm-Archiv in Berlin treasures 96 wax-cylinder Cora and Huichol recordings from Preuss’s expedition.

In this presentation Dr. Valdovinos looks at the ways these old recordings have informed the study of recent materials and how her own documentation of Indigenous Verbal Art in Northwest Mexico has helped to further understand and add value to these historical recordings.

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